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O God, to Thine Anointed King: Psalm 72

May 9, 2010

This text from Psalm 72 is a wonderful Messianic Psalm of the peace, truth, righteousness and justice inherent in the reign of King Jesus.  The modal melody reflects the ebb and flow of the text as a gentle mirror to the lyrics.  We sang this as a congregation for a Psalm of the Month as [...]

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Call Jehovah Your Salvation: Psalm 91

May 6, 2010

“Call Jehovah” is one of my favorite songs and also one of the oldest songs on the CD.  My students used to eagerly request it when we were singing songs for fun at the end of class.  I used to sing this song in the middle of the night (along with “Come Thou Fount” and [...]

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Mighty Lord, Extend Your Kingdom

May 4, 2010

One of my favorite missions hymns is “How Sweet and Awesome” mostly because it marries good theology and evangelistic fervor so beautifully. This text by Joseph Cottle does the same thing. God’s sovereignty and Lordship is strongly proclaimed while entreating the spread of the Gospel for His glory’s sake.  It seemed most appropriate to set [...]

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Savior and Friend (Rest of the Weary)

May 2, 2010

The wonderful phrases of this hymn set forth various descriptive phrases of who Christ is as well as a prayer for His continual watchful care.  The simple melody echoes the child-like faith of the text.  I’m very thankful that my friend Steve Green was able to sing this particular song.  He has been a source [...]

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Come Ye Souls By Sin Afflicted

April 26, 2010

Come Ye Souls is one of those songs written to fit a particular need but then took on a life of its own.  Several years ago, George Grant was preparing a sermon on the sweetness that comes from obeying God and His Word rather than our own desires.  In looking for a suitable lyric, I [...]

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Now Unto Jehovah: Psalm 29

April 24, 2010

With the release of the CD this week, I thought I would talk through at least some of the songs. Now Unto Jehovah represents an unusual composition for me.  When I first read the metrical text, the full melody of the chorus flowed fulling formed from the rhythm and meaning of the words. However, I [...]

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John Calvin on the Psalms

April 7, 2010

“Wherefore, although we look far and wide and search on every hand, we shall not find better songs nor songs better suited to that end than the Psalms of David which the Holy Spirit made and uttered through him. And for this reason, when we sing them, we may be certain that God puts the [...]

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The Providence of Parallelism

April 2, 2010

C.S. Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms
“It is (according to one’s point of view) either a wonderful piece of luck or a wise provision of God’s, that poetry which was to be turned into all languages should have at its chief formal characteristic one that does not disappear (as mere meter does) in translation.”

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Praying What God Wants Us to Pray

March 27, 2010

“If we want to read and to pray the prayers of the Bible and especially the Psalms, therefore, we must not ask first what they have to do with us, but what they have to do with Jesus Christ. We must ask how we can understand the Psalms and God’s Word, and then we shall [...]

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The Slow Working of the Sabbath

March 13, 2010

This is one of my favorite quotes about the slow and steady sanctifying work of the Lord’s Day in our lives and hearts. I did a short Video-blog on this quote and its application.
“God’s intention was to bless his people through the constant and conscientious observation of the day, week after week and year after [...]

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