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Explanation of Song Order

by admin on November 12, 2012

When making a commercial album, it is quite typical to think about the song order in terms of starting out with an upbeat song, identifying the likely radio releases, and making sure the order doesn’t lag anywhere.

I decided to base my song choice and order on a different paradigm. I wanted the songs to flow like a worship service–from a prelude and introit, into songs of praise and adoration, confession and supplication, followed by songs before the throne (communion), and finishing with a Psalm as a sending hymn and a benediction. The intent is to remind the believer of the Gospel in the way that one song leads to another even as we remember God’s call that leads to repentance and new life.

Call to Worship & Adoration
1. Prelude/2. O Praise The Father
3. Glory Be to God the Father
4. O God Thou Art My God Alone (Psalm 63)
5. All Earth to Him (Psalm 22:27-31)
6. O Thank The Lord (Psalm 105:1-11)

Confession & Supplication
7. Franklin Kyrie
8. Come Sinners View
9. When I Stand Before the Throne
10. Franklin Agnus Dei
11. Holy Father Hear My Cry
12. Hear My Words (Psalm 5)

Before the Throne
13. Franklin Sanctus
14. Christ is Our Cornerstone
15. Approach My Soul the Mercy Seat

God Sends Us Out
16. Be Thou O God Exalted High (Psalm 57)
17. Benediction: May The Grace Of Christ Our Savior

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